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AxelaRx is founded on the belief that efforts of Life Sciences and Health (LSH) ventures should know no boundaries. The United States offers European LSH companies many opportunities to grow and accelerate to the market. However, from our hands-on experience with the Life Sciences industry in both the United States and Europe and setting up businesses overseas one thing remains clear: seizing opportunities in the American market remains challenging for most European LSH ventures.

How we take action to achieve your US business goals

Actions speak louder than words. That’s exactly why we provide more than just advice. Our worldwide network of Life Sciences professionals, organizations and partners allow our members to act on their US business goals. Cause in the end realizing the American dream is based on doing. Not talking. And that is exactly what we excel at.

We transform obstacles into opportunities

We are a firm believer that every challenge can be transformed into an opportunity. That is why our goal is to help you transform these challenges into successes. We help you to set up your venture, accelerate your operations and/or do business in the United States by providing you with the right expertise and network.

Executive Management

Ari Aminetzah | MBA, PhD cand



Business Process

Ari is a senior life sciences veteran, with executive business development roles among others at J&J and Crucell, a vaccine company sold to J&J for $2.7B. Ari also serves as advisor to the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, McKinsey & Co and multiple ventures in Europe and the USA.

Go Van Dam | MD, PhD


Study Design

FDA Regulatory

Prof. Van Dam, Prof. of Surgery at Groningen University, trained at Harvard and the Mayo Clinic. Prof. van Dam has published more than 140 papers predominantly on the subject of clinical translation of optical molecular imaging,

Tessa Aminetzah
Marketing & Communications Manager

Brand Storytelling


Business Process

Tessa has a double degree in International Business and Management both from Eastern Kentucky University and Avans Hogeschool in Breda, the Netherlands. She has presented at the Academy of Business Research conference and excels in strengthening marketing efforts of startup ventures both in Europe and the US.

What we do

We strive to provide all the necessary tools to build your business in the United States quickly. Download our list of services here to see what we do to transform your idea into reality.
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