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When deciding to expand, start, or do business overseas, finding the right partners and go-to people can be extremely difficult. Not to mention highly time consuming. It often takes years before you know whom to turn to for what, especially in the United States. We believe that a lack of network should not be a reason to slow down growth of any Life Sciences and Health venture. That is why at AxelaRx we have already done the work for you. With years of experience in the United States we provide you with immediate access to a strategic reliable network within the Life Sciences industry. Our team, advisors and affiliated organizations are able to tailor to all your service needs. No matter if you are just starting or are already a long way ahead in achieving your US goals.

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Overview of services

Investment & Finance
The United States offers many investment opportunities to fund growth. However, fundraising is a tricky process when dealing with a new market and culture. Our experts will guide you through these challenges to successfully find and raise investment in the United States.
Clinical Trials & Regulatory
Navigate the clinical trial and FDA regulations with ease by seeking advice from our experts in the field. With their support you are able to accelerate your novel technology to the market, and thus, serve patients faster.
Even though the United States is one nation, you are not dealing with one nation legally. Our legal experts ensure you abide by different state laws when incorporating and conducting business in the United States.
Business Development
A strong business development plan is invaluable to seizing growth opportunities in the United States. It helps you select the right partners and gives you insights into the (new) market. The AxelaRx team has years of experience in creating and implementing development plans.
Let your brand stand out to potential investors, customers and partners in the United States. Our partners help you identify your story and overcome cultural differences to tell it the American way.
Business Support
Create supportive business processes in the United States that allow you to focus on your core business. By partnering with one of our back office providers you become reachable for other American entities and are able to provide value to the market faster.
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