From Europe to the US

What phase are you at?

At AxelaRx we understand that the process of starting a Life Sciences and Health venture or expanding operations overseas is challenging. Every step along the way you will face different hurdles and opportunities. Therefore, AxelaRx offers the right support for every step you take. We distinguish three main phases in your journey to establish in the United States:
The Columbus, The Frontier and The Local. What phase are you at?

The Columbus

As a Columbus you have the desire to expand or start your business in the United States. You are actively orientating and planning the next steps to achieve this goal in the near future.

In this exciting phase of exploring opportunities in the United States, our experts provide you with the comfort of guidance. They advice you based on their years of experience bringing European companies to the United States. The goal is to create a clear US business strategy with a plan of action to implement the strategy.

The Frontier

At the Frontier you start to render your US business strategy into a physical and operational presence in the United States. This phase evolves around creating a business infrastructure that will support you in accelerating to the market when complete.

We provide you with a local network that helps you establish your Life Sciences business in the United States. They will assist you with processes such as the legal incorporation of your entity, find office space and hire a mandatory corporate secretary. In the end you will have a well-established business ready to operate in the United States.

The Local

When you are a Local you are (legally) present in the United States and are now ready to accelerate your company’s activities in the United States.

Through AxelaRx you have access to services from business development to clinical translation all the way to commercialization that can help you accelerate your business in the local market. You are also able to rely on world-renowned scientists and experts in their field to give you the insights that you need.

For Life Sciences and Health ventures that want to go further, AxelaRx has an Accelerator Program that combines expertise on all business fields into one program.