The ability to recognize international opportunities and execute them tactfully through strategic alliances is key for any Life Sciences Venture that wishes to establish itself overseas or accelerate in the market. Therefore, we are very pleased to announce that Willem Houck is now part of the AxelaRx advisor team.

Willem is an executive level proven innovator in large international blue chip companies as well as a successful operator in early and growth stage healthcare and technology businesses. Known for his passionate and encouraging leadership approach to build high performance teams, Willem enjoys an international reputation for finding and extracting value from new products and business models.

As part of AxelaRx’s world-class advisory team, Willem will support organizations affiliated with AxelaRx to establish and accelerate in the US market. He has a great understanding of what it takes to successfully start and strategically lead a Life Sciences Venture. Curious about how he will translate these skills into his role at AxelaRx? We asked him a couple of questions for you to find out more about him.

Why did you decide to join the AxelaRx team?

Healthcare is near and dear to my heart. I strongly believe in the importance of healthcare innovation in an industry of more than $3 trillion in the US alone. While it is necessary to innovate, it also takes extra effort and skills to operate in an industry that is focused on saving lives. AxelaRx provides a great platform to develop new ideas and businesses and that is a challenge that I gladly accept.

What excites you most about the Life Sciences industry?

The industry matters to people’s lives in the most direct way possible. I’m excited to be able to contribute my skills and experience for the greater good of healthcare in general.

What is key for any starting biotech venture?

There are two crucial elements to a successful biotech venture. Number one is obviously the science. How solid is the research? Are we confident it makes a difference? Number two is the understanding of and access to the ecosystem. Who is paying for the innovation? Why would they be paying for it? How does the company interact with existing players in the industry? The second factor is where I hope to be able to contribute.

Are there any other things you would like to add?

European innovation is world class and the US marketplace is the most attractive for these innovations. This is why initiatives such as AxelaRx that bring European Life Sciences ventures to the US are important. I’m excited to be part of AxelaRx and look forward to collaborate with many great starting companies.

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