Having a clear and compelling story is a crucial success factor for any company. This is particularly true in a competitive field like the Life Sciences. We are therefore thrilled to announce that strategic storyteller Giuseppe Marzio has joined the AxelaRx advisor team.

Giuseppe is the founder of Chiaro, a pitch & presentation agency dedicated to the Health & Life Sciences. Chiaro is one of AxelaRx’s dedicated partners that support European Life Sciences companies in their journey to the United States. At Chiaro, Giuseppe’s mission is to help CEOs and founders to turn their science into an irresistible story – to generate funding, growth, and success for their organizations.

A former scientist-turned-communication pro, Giuseppe has over 20 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. He has worked with some of the most innovative companies in the sector, from startups to big corporations. Most recently, he held a global communications role at Johnson & Johnson. In this role he helped the leaders of the world’s largest healthcare company present their strategy and vision.

As part of AxelaRx’s strategic network, Giuseppe and Chiaro will support organizations affiliated with AxelaRx as they prepare to present their company in the United States. To give you a better understanding of what a compelling story can do for your business and for you to get familiar with Giuseppe, we asked him a couple of questions.

Why did you decide to join AxelaRx?

I believe there are three things every entrepreneur needs to grow a successful business: a great idea, a compelling story and an expert team to help them make it happen. AxelaRx is truly a stellar team; I take care of the story. As for the great idea, well, that comes from AxelaRx’s extraordinary members.

How does your science and business background help you in creating the right story?

In my previous life at a big American corporation, I was at the receiving end of many presentations by Life Sciences entrepreneurs that were often scientist themselves. Many had a good idea, but failed. They were not able to convey the value of their science to a business audience.

As a scientist, I understand the challenge of my clients and help them create a pitch that their audience cannot ignore. This is especially valuable for European entrepreneurs presenting to an American audience. There are massive cultural challenges for European ventures that want to scale to the United States. And those challenges all start with the pitch.

What is the impact of storytelling on the Life Sciences industry of today and tomorrow?

When people hear storytelling they often think about fairytales or TED-like presentations. In reality, storytelling in business is about communicating the real value of an asset, whether it is a technology, a product, or a company.

In the words of legendary VC Don Valentine, founder of Sequoia Capital, “The money flows as a function of the story.”

What is key in formulating the story for any biotech venture?

A successful story is never about you, your product, or your company. It is always about me – patient, customer, investor – and how my world is going to be better thanks to your product or your company.

Are there any other things you would like to add?

Watch good movies, lots of them. There is so much we can learn about storytelling from films.

Want to learn more about how AxelaRx and our experienced advisors, such as Giuseppe Marzio, can help you start your business overseas? Contact us at info@axelarx.com to find out more.