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Connect with an extensive American and European network of experts, partners and thought leaders in the Life Sciences industry.


Direct your company towards its business goals with the support of an expert. AxelaRx members receive one private coaching session on a topic that best fits their needs.

Learn and Grow

Start developing the skillset and knowledge needed to succeed in the United States by participating in AxelaRx events. See upcoming events here.


Gain a better understanding of your business operations and market through AxelaRx’s consultancy services. AxelaRx members receive up to 20% discount.


Become visible to other players in the Life Sciences and Health industry through AxelaRx’s social media, publications and events.


Build valuable relationships with other Life Sciences and Health ventures within the AxelaRx community.


Take part in the qualification of the AxelaRx accelerate program that advances novel technologies to the market. Read more about the program here.

Access to all services needed to succeed in the United States

Tap into a worldwide network of partners that provide support in anything from back office administration to clinical trial design to legal guidance.

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Support for your American business aspirations

Every Life Sciences and Health venture has different goals it wishes to achieve in the United States. At AxelaRx, we support our members. Whether this means making the move to the United States or solely retrieving services while staying in Europe.

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